Doug DeMarco, web design, designer, artist, illustrator, action script, .asp, .php, .html, flash, shockwave, online video games

Salon Wayne - Upscale hair-salon in Satmford, CT (Fairfield County). Site features Flash plug-in detection, custom error pages, and a CMS that allows the store owner to make content updates. Michael Thede Design - Website for a Missouri-based graphic designer. Flash interface uses OOP, dynamic color and alpha blends and physics-based animations. Adoption Haven LLC - Website for an adoption specialist in St. Louis, Missouri. Coordinates with printed material. The Field's Five LLC - Design by Tyler Small. HTML and javascript by Doug DeMarco. Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation - Noteable features include a streaming Flash video interface, .php powered contact form and animated DHTML navigation.

CT, MO, NY, washington university, st. louis, new york, new england, connecticuit

Cort Hambrecht, Jon Kurtzweil, Kevin Boyle, Will Stafford, Brian Hines, Tyler Small, John Lutkehaus, Tim Julien, Diana DeMarco, Richard DeMarco, caricatures, Matt Scheidt, Arron Cowper, Allison Tannenbaum, Jen Sacher, Casey Stalheber, Sarah Noonan, David Juang, Mike Leventi, John Winn, Jeremy Dubow, Marc O'Neal, Brian Sivitz

1 rep max calculator, weight lifting, priority male, spite magazine, agent orange, wasteland, comic book, graphic novel, mighty michael children's book, caesar mosaic, oil painting, figure drawing, halo jump cd art, six gun shootout, alien attack, z8, billiards

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