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Welcome to my online art gallery. Here you can check out some of my illustrations, designs, sketches and an unfinished work or two. Clicking on any of the works to the right will load an image collection into a pop-up browser window.

These are a series of illustrations I did for the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation website. They appear under the "kid's links" of

Check out the various artwork I've produced for one of CT's premiere, up-and-coming rock bands.

Read through pages from my children's book "The Mighty Michael".

I drew these caricatures of my teamates while traveling for track and cross-country at Wash U.

A series of trading cards that supplement my graphic novel "Wasteland". (Card Fronts)

A series of trading cards that supplement my graphic novel "Wasteland". (Card Backs)

Danbury High (CT) officially recognized mascots. Appeared on school merchandise, uniforms, and an actual student tatoo.

Illustrations for each act of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. Contains a mosaic and 4 unfinished works.

This was done for a college project where we were instructed to create a poster for a movie.

Some simple caricatures and photo montages of myself and my friends.

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