Partner Video With Framer

How Spotify Is Upleveling Their Entire Design Team

Collaborated with Framer to put together this partner testimonial video which highlights how we think about and approach prototyping at Spotify. Managed relationships with internal teams to make sure we came up with a strong narrative and put together a diverse team of prototypers, designers, UX Writers, and developers to help us look and sound super smart on camera. Check out the video; we do look smart!

The Stage

UX for Launching Personalized Microsites

Partnered with Spotify’s Creative Partnerships team to improve the in-app experience of launching co-branded microsites from ad banners (think: the Spotify/Netflix Stanger Things character match campaign). We led the team through a design workshop, came up with an example microsite concept, and helped them arrive at a solution that removes all sign-ins and permission granting, occurs entirely within the app, and feels seamless and immersive.

Spotify Voice UX

Project for Hack Week 2017

Voice activated, music-playing, experience built during one of Spotify's famous Hack Weeks. Based on your voice commands, this app can play music by artist, playlist, or genre, give you information about and control what's playing, and help you find something when you don't know what to listen to. Powered by Spotify's public web API, Dialogflow (for NLP), and Google Chrome's speech synthesis and voice recognition APIs. REQUIREMENTS: Chrome desktop browser, Google account, Spotify account, mic permissions.

Voice-Enabled Ads

Ads you can have a conversation with

Worked with Spotify's ad product team to build and user-test prototypes for voice-enabled ad experiences on mobile and smart speakers.

Spotify Sponsored Session

30-minutes of uninterrupted listening

Worked with the ad product team at Spotify to design and prototype "Sponsored Session", now one of their flagship advertising products. Free users are presented with the chance to begin their session by watching a video in exchange for 30 minutes of ad-free listening. Check out video of the latest experience and the original demo from 2014.

DeMarco Interactive


Founded DeMarco Interactive in 2011 to provide small and medium-sized business with affordable web services. Project-based and consulting assignments for clients such as Spotify, Vibrant Media, Volition, and Structural Graphics focused on building API driven advertisements, prototyping, web design, and web hosting.

Vibrant Video

In-Text Advertising

During the early days of online advertising I was able to help Vibrant Media's take their in-text ad product from a yellow box with a hyperlink in it to an immersive, video, branding experience.

Homepage 2003-2008

While working at a small marketing services firm called Murphy & Co., I led the design and front-end development of the homepage through two redesigns in 2003 and 2005. Bust out your Flash player!